SLO County Food Trucks

Collection of San Luis Obispo County Food Trucks

For the last few years, food trucks have established a delicious San Luis Obispo culture with several chefs making rounds and working events throughout the county. The Californist wanted to catalog all the SLO County food trucks in a simple and useful resource, so we scoured various media and inquired with local food mavens on the most popular and available food trucks in the area. If you know of any food trucks not on the list, let us know. We're happy to add them to the roster.  

It should be noted that few trucks do lunch runs today as it's competitive and difficult to manage the various trucks and few locations able to supply enough business. There have been instances of stepping on toes, but mostly SLO has a difficult population for the thriving food truck community. Some trucks are hard to find today, if not gone altogether: Kunfusion, Spoon-N-Bowls and Tio Alberto's.

We've discovered that lunch runs are difficult for profitability and that the food truck community aims instead on catering events. It would be great if there was a simple parking lot or something close to the SLO Farmer's market where all the trucks could pull up with tables and chairs ready to offer their foods to the community. But undoubtedly this brings on its own host of logistical challenges. 

Delicious, savory burgers and sandwiches are the baileywick for SLO's institutional food truck, Gusto on the Go. I love the simple and elegant Caprese Sandwich with fresh moz, basil and tomato for a light go-between meal.  But for a true Gusto experience, acquaint the pulled pork and tri-tip sandos and Gusto burger options. They have a whole slew of sandwich options and also make terrific street tacos and daily specials. You can find the Gusto truck via their online calendar though often their calendar is filled with weddings and private events, typical for the trucks in the area. 

Runner up for second best 2016 food truck in the New Times readers poll, often spotted at wineries, breweries and city events. Mike, the owner, keeps his weekly schedule up to date on his Facebook. 

The Grilled Cheese Incident makes some of the most savory grilled cheese creations in the area, like the sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, smoked applewood bacon and 5 cheese Mac & cheese on Brian's sliced French bread, a rich and filling creation. I also love the Quintessential California with havarti jack, tomato, avocado and bacon on cracked wheat sourdough. You can't go wrong with the Classic: monterey jack, sharp cheddar and gouda on Brian's sourdough. 

Javed Kabab Paradise

Javed Kabab Paradise

Often found at the SLO Tapit Brewing on Wednesday night trivia, the Javed Kabab Paradise food truck offers delicious and simple Pakistani and Indian dishes featuring beef, chicken and veggie kebab wraps and platters, all of which are loaded with veggies, sauces and tasty spices. I'm a big fan of the chicken and beef wraps, and often I'll order one of each for my voracious post-work appetite. Thankfully, they're prices are just as awesome as their naan.  You can follow their whereabouts via their Facebook.

The Pairing Knife

The Pairing Knife (TPK) is another SLO institution, head chef Jessie Rivas serves up delicious tacos, burgers and sandwiches throughout the Central Coast. I recommend TPK's delicious Bianchi Burger made with ground sirloin, brie cheese and pear, fig and wine compote, caramelized onions sandwiched in a delicious buttery brioche bun. You can keep an eye on their whereabouts via the TPK Twitter. 

Ruddell's Smokehouse truck is often found in SLO North County, I found them at the Barrelhouse brewery, and if you feel inclined to check out one of the Central Coast's best BBQ institutions, check out their brick and mortar location in 101 D Street, Cayucos CA. Ruddell's food truck makes a great, simple assortment of tacos: ahi, albacore, shrimp, pork and salmon. All of the tacos are extraordinary, I highly recommend ordering a differing pair of protein foundations.  

Santa Maria's Cubanissimo food truck has been making rounds at various Central Coast events over the last year.  They provide some of the savoriest Cubano and other types of sandwiches, chorizo, croquetas, yuca fries and the best garlic dipping sauce on the planet.  They keep their whereabouts posted on their Facebook.  

Winner of the 2016 New Times readers poll for best food truck in SLO County.  The Haute Skillet is run by Chef Anna Andriese, who is formally trained at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley, which provides the bedrock for her savory creations. Her hearty and delicious dishes are composed of the great food truck itinerary: sandwiches and tacos. Chef Anna brings out phenomenal pulled pork sandwiches, pork belly tacos, beef, chicken and beet wraps.

Upcoming events: You can find the Haute Skillet at Wolff winery on Friday, June 17 and Claiborne and Churchill on Friday, July 15th

Central Coast Brewing (CCB) tactical hunger response unit, What the Truck, offers some of the best in local pub-grub, fish tacos, burgers, delicious jalapeno strips, Pismo dogs, and tri-tip sandwiches.  What the truck is often found at CCB and can be tracked via their Twitter and Facebook.  We've been informed the team is reworking their website and will be maintaining a regularly updated calendar.