Ho for California! Historic Trails

The National Historic Trail system is an enduring legacy chronicling the great American journeys and expiditions.  There are only a handful of National Historic Trails and fewer still in California. Let's take a look at this noble idea and explore the California National Historic Trails. 

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The Most Interesting Non-Golden Gate California Bridges

We've tracked down and catalogued our favorite California bridges; including suspension, covered, truss and trestle bridges.  Any especially fascinating bridges or stories related to are included in the survey.  

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What's Up With All the California Eucalyptus?

Every Californian knows about the thousands of eucalyptus trees throughout the state (especially Southern regions). Let's discuss the absurd origins and costs associated with introducing a poisoning invasive species into the state ecosystems. Let's talk about bad ideas. 

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The Californist Does it on the Beach

The beach lovers piece. The Californist looks at local and favored California beach friendly items for your beach going adventures.  We love these beach bags, boardshorts, sunscreens and beach entertainment designs. 

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Pismo Beach Preserve - The Rad New Backyard for the Central Coast.

And update on the happenings of the fantastic Pismo Beach Preserve.  All 900 acres of oak and chaparral glory for the good of the Central Coast kind. Pismo is certainly on the road to awesome. 

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California's Best Botanical Gardens - Our Favorites List.

Our favorite botanical gardens, ranging from higher priced to free. Including the following:

Huntington Library and Gardens

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

UC Davis Arboretum 

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

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