The Californist Mission

We are the lovers of nature, of exploring the great unknowns, the contemporary, innovative designs and unique spaces. Get away from the beige stucco boxes. Seek the places, designs, foods and cultural mileposts embodying the best of California.

The Californist aims to present favorite hot spots, tastes and experiences worthy of our readers time.   

We are a west coast cultural repository. An enthusiast for anachronism and mid century design. We'll also examine things not made or found in California, but nonetheless echo its call. 


No question a primary motivation for most people moving to California. The diversity of California wilderness is phenomenal. Here you get what most entire countries bring, yet within a single state. From craggy snow-capped Sierras, to endless oceanic horizons, expansive deserts and towering redwood forests. California maintains 9 of the 59 National Parks and they're visited by millions worldwide, every year.  We also have 118 state parks and countless county and city parks.  Protecting, promoting, expanding and maintaining public lands is a passion for the Californist. 

Food Culture

Living in California means embracing its southern boundary. Mexican culture underpins everything throughout California. The colors, patterns, familial pulses infuse California with a unique American-Mexican heritage. Mexican food is a way of life here. We embrace hole-in-the-wall establishments and the bare knuckle hard earned localism that has created the Californian Mexican food mythos. Embrace the mom and pop cash-only shops where the noble effort of ordering in Spanish is worth the challenge.

Craft beer also has a strong west coast role, running stride with the formidable California wine industry. We embrace this beer haven emergence. You'll find local craft beers in every California region, including San Diego with Ballast Point, Petaluma with Lagunitas, San Luis Obispo with Firestone Brewing, dozens of local craft breweries in nearly every city. 

The various troves and varieties of California cuisine, from food trucks, restaurants and dishes you make yourself fuel the colorful California appetite.  


The patterns, contrasts, grammars and styles of Californian design march with undeniable vibrancy. Rugged Southwest style collides with geometric Mexican and Asian palates. Where a fearlessness for sparkling hues and simple natural and mid-century modern conveys honest sophistication. Sleek, crisp lines holding the energy. Think: thrift store Pendleton's, Mexican serape throws and the strong, honest edges of a teak and steel Nelson bench. 


Patterns, colors, practicalities, frugalities, simplicities and heritages.