What's Up With All the California Eucalyptus?

Every Californian knows about the thousands of eucalyptus trees throughout the state (especially Southern regions). Let's discuss the absurd origins and costs associated with introducing a poisoning invasive species into the state ecosystems. Let's talk about bad ideas. 

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Great Central Coast Breakfasts

Our favorite breakfast haunts for the Central Coast.  Where to go, what to get and breakfast going tips from Santa Maria to San Luis Obispo.  Our favorite destinations.

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The Californist Does it on the Beach

The beach lovers piece. The Californist looks at local and favored California beach friendly items for your beach going adventures.  We love these beach bags, boardshorts, sunscreens and beach entertainment designs. 

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A Bottle of Suds: The Best Central Coast Bottle Shops

Our favorite bottle houses across the Central Coast, from the Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo,  Morro Bay and Atascadero.  

Thanks to calbevlaw.com for the excellent craft beer image. 

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Our Favorite California Libraries - Cool Places for Great Minds

A Californist list of our favorite public and private libraries.  Libraries from all over the state of California are represented in this list that features unusual aesthetic, historical or architectural beauty. 

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Our Favorite Central Coast Mexican Grills

Some of our favorite locally owned and operated hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants with phenomenal food. These places are incredible. 

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California Garden Designer Spotlight - A Profile on Thomas Dolliver Church

You have to admire this intrepid pioneer who helped move forward the fertile bedrock of the modernist California Style. Nationally recognized and lauded for his vision on elegant simplicity, livable gardens and native planting. His gardens were designed within the framework of practicality and aesthetic durability traits that likely exist within your own backyard today

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Pismo Beach Preserve - The Rad New Backyard for the Central Coast.

And update on the happenings of the fantastic Pismo Beach Preserve.  All 900 acres of oak and chaparral glory for the good of the Central Coast kind. Pismo is certainly on the road to awesome. 

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California's Best Botanical Gardens - Our Favorites List.

Our favorite botanical gardens, ranging from higher priced to free. Including the following:

Huntington Library and Gardens

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

UC Davis Arboretum 

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden

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Best of San Luis Obispo County Salsa - Reviews

Reviewing San Luis Obispo County salsa's.  The best I could track down. All tasted with Have'A Corn Chips. 

F. McLintocks - Medium

Chris' Moms Salsa

Running Dog Ranch - Spicy

Misty's Salsa

San Luis Salsa Co. - Original

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